'Acis & Galatea' reviewed on BBC Radio 3's 'Building a Library'

‘Acis and Galatea' by the Dunedin Consort has been chosen as First Choice Recommendation by CD Review's Building a Library on BBC Radio 3.

On Saturday the 11th July the reviewer David Vickers described the Dunedin Consort's interpretation of George Frideric Handel's 1718 Cannons Version as "a vivacious performance brimming with sheer happiness". The reviewer talks about the work whilst playing excerpts from various recordings. Several passages from the Consort's acclaimed recording were played, including one intricate example of polyphonic singing in the 5-part chorus ‘Wretched Lovers!', which David Vickers states as "expertly judged and beautifully shaped".

Matthew Brook, who plays the evil giant Polyphemus, is praised for his performance: "Brook presents an undiluted paradox of naïve tenderness, convivial clumsiness and grotesque lust". Meanwhile the musicians are commended: "contrasting instrumental colours are brilliantly realised by the Dunedin Players".

David Vickers concludes his review of Handel's ‘Acis and Galatea' explaining why he has chosen the Dunedin Consort's interpretation of the work as his first choice: for, amongst many things, Susan Hamilton's Acis which is "undeniably intimate" and for the "consistently satisfying" performance.

To listen to the full programme, which is available until the 17th July 2009, please click here.

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