Gramophone Editor's Choice Accolades

With three Gramophone Awards to its name Phantasm's recordings are always an exciting prospect and its latest recording,  J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Consort – II, has certainly thrilled the reviewers at Gramophone:

Editor's Choice: "It is a rare and wonderful thing when a sequel surpasses its first instalment. In this, its stunning sequel, Phantasm achieve the above and more. It's thrilling stuff that, honestly, I'm struggling to put into words. Phantasm have crafted a story with and through Bach's music. A wholly wondrous album." 

The Gramophone Award-winning soprano Sandrine Piau is superb in Clair-Obscur, a beguiling album of sunshine and shade:

Editor's Choice: "An inspired piece of programming ... Piau's voice is light and deftly controlled, and it’s matched beautifully by dappled orchestral accompaniment ... Berg's songs quiver with anticipation – the underlying passion of 'Die Nachtigall' comes across beautifully, 'Traumgekrönt' teeters on the edge of euphoria, 'Liebesode' exudes sensuality ... Highly recommended." 

The Well-Tempered Consort – II