KUNIKO At Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe is host to KUNIKO, one of the world’s leading percussion virtuosos from Japan, whose recordings on Linn have earned her worldwide acclaim. KUNIKO will perform 10 double-bill concerts over five days from August 14-18. Fans of KUNIKO's recordings of Steve Reich will be thrilled to hear that she will be performing both Drumming and Counterpoint.

Kuniko Plays Reich: Drumming

A tour de force performance of the work which is widely considered musical minimalism's first masterpiece. Performing all 13 parts, KUNIKO displays the technical virtuosity for which she is renowned. This seminal work employs Reich's trademark phasing technique; subtle changes in timing and timbre cause the soundscape to build through a series of rhythmic loops which gradually evolve to create a wholly immersive experience. 

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Kuniko Plays Reich: Counterpoint

Highly virtuosic solo performances of three signature counterpoint of Steve Reich’s works, with exquisite musical insight, and expressive yet elegant performance style. KUNIKO is renowned for her flawless technique when playing both keyboard and percussion instruments, which blends seamlessly with her profound musical intelligence. ‘The result is like a microscopic close up of the piece where all the finest details are heard with amazing clarity’ (Steve Reich).

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