Gottlieb Wallisch - Mozart in Vienna - Clavier Companion

Austrian pianist Gottlieb Wallisch delivers a dynamic performance in this CD, which includes two late sonatas (K. 570 and K. 576), Fantasy in D Minor, Rondo in A Minor (K. 511), and Ten Variations in G Major on "Unser dummer Pöbel meint". Wallisch's approach to the Fantasy is highly operatic - achieving a marvellous juxtaposition between its drama and lyricism. Unlike the Fantasy, the Rondo in A minor is profoundly melancholic and poetic. His performance of the variations displays wit and humour through Mozart's use of counter-point, daring harmonies, and shimmering colors. Wallisch superbly illuminates Mozart's craftsmanship in the two sonatas - polyphonic passages are blended with pristine voicing and a natural tone quality, void of affectation. His imaginative approach to Mozart's chromatic writing is both spontaneous and refreshing. The sonatas' slow movements are my favourite performances on the CD: perfect serenity emanates through long, breathtaking phrases.

From Clavier Companion

Clavier Companion
13 April 2011