Hue and Cry - Jazz Not Jazz - Rutherglen Reformer

Returning to the studio where they recorded their first album, The Kane brothers' latest opus magnum, Jazz Not Jazz brings together some major players in the jazz world to add depth and dimension to what is being billed as a "new jazz sound". Arguably a work of undeniable maturity, the album delivers the promise of explosive and dynamic instrumental solos from some of jazz's leading figures, not least the stylishly complementary guitar work of Mike Stern and the stunning sax solos by Michael Becker and Tommy Smith. Randy Becker's trumpet gets an airing on only one track while the distinctive sound of Rhodes piano is provided, in the main, by Brian Kellock. While treated to a range of musical styles from jazzfunk to soul, and just a hint of latin, Hue and Cry maintain their own inimitable signature throughout. With Pat's lyrics aimed, predictably, at the head, the music's tonal imagery heads straight for the heart as with, for example, Tommy Smith's sinuous soprano in Remember Me, track four on the CD. Ewan Vernal gets ample oppurtunity to flex his upright bass playing muscles in four of the tracks, highlighting an area of his repertoire which he occasionally hinted at during his time with Deacon Blue.

Rutherglen Reformer
01 June 1998