Ingrid Fliter - Houston Symphony Orchestra & Mendelssohn (Live Review)

In Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor Ingrid Fliter was an excellent and exciting soloist in a season filled with top-notch pianists. Her tone possesses extraordinary clarity when forte and incredible lightness when pianissimo. From the very first entrance, the Argentine pianist was energized and uncompromising in tempo and technique. The con fuoco marking (with fire) was integral to each note. Contrast was provided in the slightly more lyrical second theme.

A total transformation came with the second movement, Andante, which gave Fliter a chance to show her poetic side. The cellos presented a deftly controlled and beautifully played melody, which she delicately embellished with exquisite phrasing and crystalline tone. Her remarkable control of the very softest dynamics was breathtaking. Indeed, the listener needed to hold one's breath so as not to miss the softest notes.

Another total transformation came with the last movement. After Gabel set a very lively tempo, Fliter took off even faster. Fliter proved herself a firebrand with boundless energy and technique. Gabel's main job here consisted of holding onto the reins, and together with the Houston Symphony, he provided an impeccable accompaniment.

Fliter responded to extended applause with Chopin's Waltz in E-flat major as an encore, bringing yet another dimension to her musical style and charm.

Teaxs Classical Review
10 March 2017