Linn Super Audio Collection Vol. 6 - Postive Feedback Online

Still valid I assume, is the term 'Sampler Recording', particularly if you are only familiar with the company's rather famous turntables of many years ago. Now they are seriously into source items, such as the current SACD release, probably the best musical source readily available. It is playable on almost any sort of player though maximum performance and listening quality demands a truly good SACD player. There are fifteen selections on this fine disc ranging from Claire Martin's excellent phrasing and tone singing 'Lazy Afternoon' to a rather small scale version of Berlioz famous 'Marche' from Symphonie Fantastique. In between, selections from Handel, Byrd, Britten, Purcell, Mozart and many others are to be found. In fact they are to be found in possibly the highest audio quality to grace your ears in many a moon. The audio quality is simply pristine, that is crystal clear with extremely low amounts of any obvious distortions. I consider the selections to be close to a perfect group. Put this recording on, lean back and be surrounded by a great variety of simply pleasing music beautifully performed and recorded; enjoy and perhaps even be rejuvenated. Obviously a high recommendation for what it is.

Postive Feedback Online
17 January 2013