MacMillan: Tenebrae - Cappella Nova - Audiophile Audition

I reviewed this to great acclaim in 2007. Linn Records has finally gotten big enough that they are offering reissues from their catalog in a series termed "Echo", cleverly blurring out the original art work to make their point. However-and critical for a website like this one-the fact that the issue is not SACD could be a problem. The first one was a terrific recording making full use of the SACD spectrum. This one is by no means negligible-the sound is still very good two-channel stereo-but I am not sure that another trip around the block will do much to persuade audiophiles to acquire this disc.

What it might do is remind those that missed it that there is a fantastic MacMillan album out there that deserves their consideration. And for those whose bag is not SACD-shame!-this is still a worthwhile release on all counts, one of the best MacMillan discs in the last ten years.

Audiophile Audition
21 December 2014