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The Cantiones Sacrae are among the lesser-known part of the oeuvre of Heinrich Schütz. That is a little strange, considering that these 41 motets for four voices are excellently suited for chamber choirs and vocal ensembles. The texts are in Latin, so the language should not cause any problems. As one expects from Schütz, there is a close connection between text and music. That comes off best in a performance with one voice per part, which is also the way Philip Cave has recorded the entire set with his ensemble Magnificat. The singers are supported by basso continuo instruments, and although Schütz did not require this, it is a perfectly legitimate decision ... this is a very respectable and in many ways admirable interpretation. The singing is excellent, although unfortunately some of the lower voices are not always entirely free of a slight vibrato. These motets deserve to be better known, and if you purchase this set, you won’t regret it.

MusicWeb International
01 July 2019