Martin Helmchen, Andrew Manze & DSO Berlin - Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 4 - Hi-Fi News

Stephen Hough's new Hyperion cycle sets the bar high for recordings of the Beethoven Concertos - especially No 4. But Helmchen is warmer, more personal in his approach (the Andante is marginally more spacious here). He doesn't spread the opening chord like Hough' and in 1 (1) at the recapitulation makes a glissando effect which Hough eschews. Manze I think bring a more 'period' feel to the accompaniments than Hannu Lintu and I find his expositions more appealing. The earlier work was recorded at the Teldex Studio Berlin (Oct '18) and No 4 in the Philharmonie concert hall (May '19). Unfortunately, in both Concertos - and in Nos 2/5 (Alpha555) - you hear a lot of pedalling noise with Helmchen, but thankfully none in the Andante of No 4.

Hi-Fi News
01 July 2020