Martin Taylor - Don't Fret - Audiophile Audition

In the brief (48 minutes) session, Taylor and his cohorts use trio, duo and solo configurations to demonstrate Taylor's agile and self-assured style to his best advantage. Starting with Cole Porter's "I Love You," which is a trio offering with bassist Green and drummer Ganley, the group seems perfectly in sync and sympathetic partners. The Miles Davis/Bill Evans composition "Blue In Green" is given a reflective reading by the band, with Taylor's introspective guitar leading the way. Pianist Davis has a strong solo, as he demonstrates his eloquent command of the material.

The band is in full flight on Oscar Pettiford's "Laverne Walk" with everyone digging in to capture the composition's solid groove. Bassist Green takes his solo exhibiting his deep tone, and drummer Ganley provides a couple of interesting breaks with his nifty stick work. "Mugavero" is a Latin number with Newton sharing piano and synthesizer, both of which provide a harmonic and measured understanding to the number. Taylor's own excursions while sharply correct, are still intentionally extemporaneous. The title number "Don't Fret" is another outing with bassist Green and drummer Ganley which charges along full tilt as Taylor covers the fret board with aplomb. The final track is Dave Newton's "You Know It's True" and is a duo feature for the pianist and Taylor. The two work together with feeling and imagination, to give this ballad a lyrical frame.

Audiophile Audition
29 August 2015