Phantasm - J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Consort – II - American Record Guide

The Well-Tempered Consort I (Linn 618) presented Bach’s keyboard music afresh with the sound of viols, mingling works from a variety of compositions. Consort II relies entirely on the Well Tempered Clavier. Preludes 16 in G minor, 9 in E, 19 in A, and 5 in D from Book II are followed by their Fugues, as is Prelude 12 in F minor from Book I. For the rest of the program, the ensemble brings together preludes and fugues from both books. Bach’s contrapuntal achievements sparkle in the hands of Phantasm as much here as on their first recording. Crisp attack and light touch seem to imitate the articulation of the harpsichord, though they also bring out the intricacy of Bach’s counterpoint.

American Record Guide
21 September 2021