The Prince Consort - Other Love Songs - Financial Times (Live Review)

Stephen Hough has a lot of hats. He enjoys wearing them (see the range of styles in his press photos) and collects them. But he also wears a lot of hats in the metaphorical sense, as pianist, poet, artist, writer on religion and author of a forthcoming novel.

Beyond that, he is also a composer, one who commands increasing respect. It was this hat that he was wearing at Wigmore Hall, where the Prince Consort ensemble presented a wide-ranging programme of his songs. All of them dated from the past 10 years...

All five sang, with Alisdair Hogarth and Hough himself as the dazzling three-handed accompaniment, in the Other Love Songs, a multi-faceted designer collection where each one of the eight songs sports a style of its own. That adds up to quite a few more hats.

Financial Times
31 October 2016