Simon Trpčeski - Makedonissimo - International Piano

This joyful release from the Macedonian pianist and friends fuses Macedonian folk and klezmer with modernist classical composition. The result has been compared to Prokofiev and Shostakovich film music. MAKEDONISSIMO – the musicians seem to insist on capital letters – means ‘very Macedonian’.

Macedonian composer Pande Shahov (b 1973) has arranged well-known songs and dances in six contrasting medleys or ‘plaits’, uniting related time signatures. As with other Balkan music, it’s the complex compound rhythms that catch the listener’s ear. An uncredited male singer performs on some tracks, and the pianist drives the ensemble. They manage to combine the looseness of improvisation and folk music with classical precision and delicacy. Attractive music and an intriguing project.

International Piano
01 November 2020