Teodoro Baù - Corelli: Sonatas - musica Dei donum

This is Baù's very first recording, which is the result of his winning first prize in the MA Competition Bruges in 2021. That prize seems well deserved, as this is a very good and enjoyable recording. These transcriptions are excellent: to my ears they sound as if they were intended for the viola da gamba. I am quite impressed by Baù's playing, both technically and stylistically. The tempi are well-chosen and the ornamentation is completely convincing. The very fact that Baù decided to play his own transcriptions of sonatas by Corelli rather than some familiar stuff which is and has been recorded many times, suggests that he is willing to find his own way in the music scene. That cannot be appreciated enough. I am very much looking forward to his next projects. With Andrea Buccarella he has the perfect partner at the harpsichord.

Those who love the viola da gamba - and/or Corelli - should not miss this very fine disc.

musica Dei donum
17 October 2022