Van Kuijk Quartet - Mendelssohn: Complete String Quartets, Vol. 1 - Gramophone

This is a golden age for Mendelssohn string quartets, once treated with faint condescension but now recognised as arguably the greatest body of quartets between Beethoven and Bartók. Collectors can happily choose from up to a dozen recommendable complete cycles, and counting. Unlike any of their rivals, they generously fit three works on to a single CD. More importantly, the Van Kuijk marry high technical polish (tuning and ensemble virtually flawless), close attention to Mendelssohn’s detailed markings and a spirit of youthful, spontaneous ardour. While the Van Kuijk never short-change Mendelssohn’s lyricism, their playing is free of any whiff of indulgence or affectation ... a Mendelssohn recital of rare flair and insight.

04 October 2022