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Hybrid Super Audio CD recordings such as the sampler from Linn Records, are compatible with all standard CD and Super Audio CD players. A so-called hybrid is actually two discs bonded together where a standard CD player will recognise one layer while a Multichannel Super Audio CD player will recognise the other. The hybrid format offers tremendous compatibility with the established CD format as well as offering Super Audio CD, that in my opinion is the best consumer sound quality available today.

Better still, this latest release from Linn Records Linn Selektions is actually priced at below the normal CD price. So this album is the perfect opportunity for you, not only to sample the best music from a selection of Linn Records' artists but to also sample the delightful sound quality of the new Super Audio CD format.

The album is packed full with some of the very best vocal and instrumental material, featuring classical, folk and instrumental jazz. Martin Taylor's instrumental jazz version of Johnny and Mary deserves full marks - this is one classy piece of music. This is a superb album that deserves to be firmly positioned at the top of your 'most wanted albums of the year'. It not only offers some excellent music content but represents unsurpassed value too.

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05 July 2004