Various - Linn Super Audio Collection 6 -

In the sixth volume of their SACD samplers, Linn brings listeners 15 recent tracks by a cross-section of their award-winning artists. Jazz vocalist Claire Martin gets things started with "Lazy Afternoon." Among the classical ensembles featured are Phantasm, The Dunedin Consort, the Retrospect Trio, Capella Nova, The Prince Consort, The Avison Ensemble, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

This "mixtape" of some of their best performers is put together with great love and attention and can serve as an introduction to some of their complete SACDs. Other solo performers on these tracks include cellist Richard Tunnicliffe, pianist Gottlieb Wallisch, tenor James Gilchrist and percussionist Kuniko Kato.

Musically the range is from early music, and straight-ahead jazz to rather avant material such as the percussion version of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint. Sonics, as usual with Linn, are among the very best, with 5.0 hi-res surround on all tracks.
16 December 2012