“With Jupiter, I wanted to bring together a group of exceptional musicians from the new generation, encountered while working with a large number of ensembles. " 

- Thomas Dunford


    "All of the artists invited to take part in the project are brilliant masters of their instruments, and some of them are already renowned soloists.  The great freedom that they have all acquired during their projects, the choices in their explorations and a shared knowledge of music will mean we can perform the various repertoires in question with passion, power and emotion.

    Ancient music has experienced a great period of rediscovery, thanks to such pioneers as William Christie, Philippe Herreweghe, or Jordi Savall, with whom I have been fortunate enough to work. It is now our responsibility, as a generation who grew up with this music, to continue bringing it alive, while making it more modern, showing just how accessible it can be, and how much it touches our hearts. 

    Listening, improvisation and energy, as well as a shared overall vision, will all be key factors. All our past experiences, as well as our group work with Jupiter, will allow us to gain a greater freedom, which will make this music utterly alive and, I hope, touching.”

    Thomas Dunford - Artistic Director