Nigel North

Nigel North

Nigel North

Renowned as one of the world's most respected lutenists Nigel North is has developed a unique musical life embracing work as a teacher, accompanist, soloist, director and writer.


    Nigel North was initially inspired into music by the early 60's instrumental pop group ‘The Shadows', and went on to study classical music through the violin and guitar, eventually discovering his real path in life, the lute, when he was 15. Basically self-taught on the lute, he has for some 20 years developed a unique musical life which embraces several and varied activities as a teacher, accompanist, soloist and writer. He published a continuo tutor (Faber 1987) representing his work and passion for this subject.

    The ensemble Romanesca was formed by Nigel, together with Andrew Manze (violin) and John Toll (harpsichord & organ) and for ten years (1988-1998) they explored, performed and recorded 17th century chamber music winning several international awards for their recordings.

    Nigel North also enjoys accompanying singers and is an enthusiastic teacher.