Mark and Nicky on Radio 2

Swing star Mark Moraghan, together with lyricist Nicky Campbell, appeared on the popular BBC Radio 2 show 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' to promote their new album "Moonlight's Back in Style" which was released on Monday 21st September. 

The duo talked to Steve about how they came to be involved in recording a swing album.  After they met on 'Just the two of us' and realised they both had a big love of swing music, Mark challenged Nicky to write him a 'Cole Porter' song.  He did, and that song is Wonderfully wonderful you which is on the new album.  This led to them deciding to make an album of original swing together. 

Nicky chatted about being able to express his emotions through songwriting, as he said "guys can say stuff in songs that you can't actually say to a girl in real life".  This emotional honesty is what makes songs such as Many's the time, which Steve played on the show, so special.  Nicky wrote this particular song about meeting his wife, describing it as ' like the sun coming out'.

If you are in the UK you can listen again to the show until Sunday 27th September.  (Fast forward approximately 1 hour 38 minutes.)