Mark Moraghan creates a buzz

"Moonlight's Back in Style (songs by Nicky Campbell)" by Mark Moraghan is creating a buzz among industry stalwarts who have been lucky enough to receive a pre-release copy of this much-anticipated debut.  The album, which harks back to the cool swing of Sinatra (while remaining very much up-to-date), features original songs written by Nicky Campbell.

Here are just some of the comments the album has received so far:

  • "A welcome venture into the world of swing. ‘Angel don't Cry' in particular is a charming and moving ballad." Sir Michael Parkinson
  • "The lyrics are annoyingly good." Sir Tim Rice
  • "On so many levels, this should not work, but on so many levels, it does." Paul Gambaccini
  • "Stylish, intelligent and really good fun." Bob Harris
  • "He is relaxed, easy and cool." Stewart Copeland (The Police)
  • "Very tender, very passionate, very sexy - superb." CeCe Sammi
  • "Lovely. It makes your spirit soar." Harry Hill


Click here to watch a video called "Makin' Moonlight", with voiceover by Nicky Campbell, which explains the making of this album. 

Don't forget to check back later this month to hear sound clips from "Moonlight's Back in Style (songs by Nicky Campbell)".