SCO's Mozart Named Building A Library 'First Choice'

Today, BBC Radio 3's 'CD Review' named the Scottish Chamber Orchestra's recording of Mozart Symphony No. 36 its 'First Choice' in its Building A Library feature. This adds to the list of accolades this fantastic recording has already received.

Here are a few of the reasons the recording was chosen:

'Charles Mackerras and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in a performance unsurpassed for its élan and clarity of detail.'

'The performances that draw me most into this gloriously uplifting symphony all use mainly modern instruments with an awareness of period style and techniques...Charles Mackerras and the Scottish Symphony Orchestra.'

'For me, they get everything excitingly and unaffectedly right: tempos, spirit, balance and a never-failing knack for preparing and clinching climaxes, not least in the closing stages of the Finale. For colour and sheer exhilaration, they are unrivalled in this movement.'