Anthony Romaniuk - Bells - Record Geijutsu

In April, Anthony Romaniuk made his debut in Tokyo with Japanese flute player Toshiyuki Shibata, playing harpsichord, fortepiano (Silbermann) and electric piano (Fender Rhodes). On this solo debut disc, he plays music from the middle ages to contemporary, from classical to jazz, with the three aforementioned keyboard instruments, plus modern piano. What makes this disc unique is that the combination of music and instrument is not always authentic. It seems Romaniuk is trying to recreate a unique world (a microcosmos) from his point of view: drone bass. In some pieces his tempo sounds too fast and even forceful, but his improvisation and ornaments are inspiring. With unmatched uniqueness, this is a disc worth listening to.

Record Geijutsu
01 July 2022