Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance - Accident and Insurgency - Metro


Arnie Somogyi is always drawn to the creative, daring and direct. As a composer he writes attractive jazz themes with rootsy, East European tones. As a leader, he's a catalyst for some highly talented jazz musicians. Ambulance features Tim Lapthorn, a pianist of melodic warmth, and Paul Booth, a saxophonist of power and imagination. Rob Townshend doubles on sax and laptop, adding electro-acoustic textures.

Dave Smith is a drummer with affiliations to the lauded F-ire collective. The music they make evokes landscape and is strong on colour. Arnie the bassist, however, never lets the beauty settle. When the shadings risk becoming too precious, Somogyi will disrupt them with some spirited funk from a supple, acoustic bass that is a thing of joy.
24 June 2008