Barb Jungr - Walking in the Sun -

With SACD being taken full advantage of, this stylish singer adds her own individual sound to some of the industry greats - including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday.

Barb Jungr made her name as a cabaret singer in the eighties, but has since gone on to widen her repertoire with a number of interesting projects including an album of Bob Dylan songs. Her latest production has another two Dylan numbers (Trouble In Mind, Blind Willie McTell) but the style in which they are executed means you'd need to listen hard in order to spot the songs' origins.

Jungr stirs Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday in the mix, but she is very much an individual with a personality that makes itself heard. Which makes this 13-song collection an entertaining and varied experience, thanks in part to the quality of accompaniment from guitarist Eric Bibb among others.

Linn not only records in SACD's native DSD format, it mixes and masters in it as well. The result is a crisp, vivacious and full bodied sound that grips from the first track. Superb.
29 August 2007