Behzod Abduraimov - Debussy - Chopin - Mussorgsky - Hi-Fi News

The young Uzbek pianist's Rachmaninov at Lucerne on Sony was our 2020 Yearbook High-Res album choice. This is his first solo programme now he's signed to Alpha - the Chopin and Mussorgsky at least, essentials in any pianophile's library. I've not heard a more consistently interesting Pictures: you can almost hear the words with the 'two Jews', and the finale is marvellously built with an extremely wide dynamic range. 'Tuileries', 'Limoges' and 'Unhatched chicks' are dazzling. The Chopin Preludes show so many touches of individuality (as they should) with beautifully soft playing in the tranquil numbers. And Debussy's 'Snowflakes' really dance.

Hi-Fi News
01 June 2021