Cappella Nova - Tavener Conducts Tavener - Choir & Organ

The title of this disc is misleading: it's not the composer John Tavener directing a programme of his own choral music but his relative, Alan Tavener, who is in charge of the Scottish-based group Cappella Nova. Alan Tavener's selection includes rarities (Take him, earth, for cherishing) as well as familiar favourites (The Lamb) in a well-balanced programme, which also includes Ivan Moody's O isplendor, written in memory of Tavener, who was his teacher. There are no fewer than nine premiere record-ings on the CD, including Cappella Nova's own Tavener commission A Buddhist Miniature. Recorded in resonant church acoustics, the vocal blend is rich and warm except for some disappointingly harsh tone on occasion from the sopranos...nevertheless a welcome expansion to Tavener's ever-growing discography.

Choir & Organ
01 March 2016