I'll Take Romance - The Observer

It is difficult to know where to start praising this beautiful piece of work. In essence it is simply a conventional vocal plus saxophone set, but everything about it is so well conceived and executed that the result is quite outstanding. Tina May ahs always been a resourceful singer, finding unlikely songs and polishing them to a brilliant shine, and she does here with Trust in Me from The Jungle Book. She also has excellent pitch and diction - both well in evidence throughout - that imparts a smile to her voice.

What makes this her best album so far is the presence of Scott Hamilton in the dual role of tenor saxophonist and co-producer. As probably the finest living exponent of the subtle art of obligato playing, he adds a whole new dimension to her performance. Nikki Iles and Robin Aspland alternate at the piano, the difference in their styles adding subtle variety, and the rhythm section is completed by the perfect bass-and-drums team of Alec Dankworth and Tristan Mailliot.

The Observer
16 March 2003