Jos van Immerseel - Piano Works of the Young Beethoven - BBC Music Magazine

Performance ****
Recording *****

Beethoven's late and 'heroic' period sonatas are programmed much more often than his 'early' ones. Yet the latter are just as inspiring in their originality, warmth, energy and joie de vivre. The music's personal, intimate qualities shine out through detailed phrasing: a lift of breath in the minuet of Op. 10 No. 3 is one of many heart-warming examples. He does not take up Beethoven's suggestion of keeping the dampers raised through the Moonlight's first movement, which might have been interesting. The tempos seem sometime rather leisurely, allowing detail to come through, yet occasionally suppressing the potential for contrast and brilliance. Still, it is a deeply rewarding set that accentuates underrated facets of this most communicative of composers.

BBC Music Magazine
01 October 2020