KUNIKO - kuniko plays reich - Australian hi-fi

Kuniko is widely recognised as one of the most gifted and important percussionists in the world today. She studied under renowned marimba legend keiko Abe and works today with composers and performers throughout the world in expanding the percussion repertory and its appreciation. This SACD, which was actually Linn's best-seller of 2011, features three arrangements of earlier Steve Reich works, and she worked closely with the composer on all three. On Vermont Counterpoint guitarist Pat metheny also advised, since he performed the premiere of the work in 1987. In all the works, Kuniko plays solo marimba along with a pre-recorded tape of the other five marimbas. These are a dozen overlapping tracks to go with the live performance, and all worked hard on achieving the perfect surround and stereo mixes of the work. Try this, even if you're not a Reich fan.

Australian hi-fi
01 November 2015