Le Consort - Specchio Veneziano - Gramophone

The performances themselves are undeniably excellent. Certainly, Le Consort have come miles in the two years since I reviewed their ‘Opus 1’ (10/19). The cello-playing from Hanna Salzenstein continues to be excellent, particularly so in Reali’s variations – gorgeous filigree (Var 10), choppy vigour (Var 12) – and her tender cadenza in the central Grave of Reali’s Sinfonia No 9 is an unexpected pleasure.But Salzenstein is not the only star in the night sky. It’s becoming almost boring to describe the playing of Théotime Langlois de Swarte: simply put, I’m running out of ways to recount his brilliance. Justin Taylor’s harpsichord is inventive throughout, and guest Victor Julien-Laferrière does a fine continuo job when Salzenstein is tied up with more soloistic material. Bravi tutti.

01 February 2022