Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien - The Queen's Delight - American Record Guide

This collection of 17th Century English ballads and country dances, most derived from the many editions of John Playford’s “English Dancing Master”, is a delightful romp. Though the tune `The Queen’s Delight’ is not included, some of selections will be familiar from other early music collections, such as the ballad `When Daphne from Fair Phoebus did Fly’. The ensemble has also adapted other compositions that may have had folk origins, such as Henry Purcell’s `Sefauchi’s Farewell’ and a medley of variations on `John come kiss me now’ by Thomas Baltzar, Christopher Simpson, Davis Mell, and Solomon Eccles. The track titled `An Italian Ayre’ is not actually by Henry Lawes, but an anonymous tune, `La Mantovana’, that became known as the country danse, `An Italian Rant’. This new release compares favorably with earlier collections from the Musicians of Swanne Alley (Mar/Apr 1990: 144), the Baltimore Consort (May/June 1992: 171), and the Dufay Collective (Nov/Dec 1996: 262), and is also a useful recording to “Drive the Cold Winter Away” (also included on this recording). Texts with French translations are included in the booklet; this is only a problem for `An Italian Ayre’, which has an Italian text.

American Record Guide
15 January 2021