Sarah Moule - It's a Nice Thought - BBC Music Magazine

This is very superior cabaret fare: well-crafted original numbers that are sung flawlessly, and with slick accompaniments. Surprising then, that this is an entirely British production. Admittedly, the lyricist responsible, Fran Landesman, is a quintessential New Yorker - but she has lived in London for nearly 40 years. Beat poet turned club proprieter and musical writer, Landesman is best known for Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most, written with Tommy Wolf and now part of the jazz standard repertoire. Though now in her seventies, age has not dulled the sharpness of Landesman's pen. The pieces here, co-written with pianist Simon Wallace, provide a masterclass in brush-offs, put-downs and wisecracks.

Sarah Moule's bell-like, well-enunciated and somewhat operatic vocal style is rather at odds with the cynicism in material such as A Suicide in Schenectady, but the pairing works and the quality of Moule's voice is what connects the song with the listener. The backing band is a real bonus too, with welcome guest spots from, among others, tenorists Iain Ballamy and Tim Whitehead.

BBC Music Magazine
22 August 2002