Sarah Moule - Something's Gotta Give - Jazzwise

Sarah Moule's follow-up to her much-admired 2002 debut "It's A Nice Thought" counterpoints classic songs from the pen of the prodigiously talented lyricist Johnny Mercer with new material from the urbane song writing team of lyricist Fran Landesman and composer Simon Wallace. Brilliantly arranged and produced by Wallace - who also features on piano and Hammond organ - the singer is in outstanding form throughout the 14-track collection. From her bracing delivery of the title track to the sorrowing Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - via a cheekily questioning How Was It For You?, a hugely swinging Jeepers Creepers and a poignantly sotto voce Days of Wine and Roses - Moule really gets inside the emotional arc of each song. Of the new Landesman/Wallace numbers, you can't help but think that if there was ever a musical version of The Incredibles, Edna Mode would make a spectacular job of the wonderfully pointed You're So Now; great solos here too from trumpeters Mark Armstrong and Steve Fishwick.

07 February 2005