William Carter - Esaias Reusner: Delitiae testudinis - Gramophone

What sets Carter apart are those qualities ... which have always been hallmarks of Carter’s playing: specifically, a willingness to evoke the past through the subtlest, most sensitive means. In the gigues and courantes there is that underlying rhythmic urgency which manifests itself most obviously as a strumming in the Chaconne. This is honouring the dance origins of the music. The preludes, allemandes, sarabandes and more unusual paduanas, on the other hand, become under Carter’s fingers laboratories for reverie and reflection. This is honouring the ‘pervasive melancholy’ (Carter) of Reusner’s music. Sensitive, stylish, intelligent playing. Artistry that doesn’t draw attention to itself. It’s good to have you back, Bill.

01 July 2022