Rosemary Standley

Rosemary Standley

Rosemary Standley

Best known for her work with her celebrated group Moriarty, Rosemary Standley is an American-Franco singer with eclectic tastes and style.


    Before arriving at the high peak of success, Rosemary Standley had also climbed the lushly pastured slopes of American folk music, following in the footsteps of her musician father Wayne Standley, as well as clambering up the steep but equally fertile terrain of lyric song she absorbed at her conservatoire in Paris. Though she tours all over the world with Moriarty, far from submitting to the monomaniac demands of a busy career as their lead vocalist, for the past ten years she has been constantly exploring new lines of research, to vary the pleasure she takes in music: sometimes reaching out to engage with the genre of musical theatre (e.g. in Laurence Equilbey’s Private Domain, and A Queen of Hearts directed by Juliette Deschamps), or breaking away entirely to find appealing new musical vistas – such as in the Lightning 3, with Brisa Roché and Ndidi Onukwulu, or her work with the Wati Watia Zorey Band, a tribute group that Rosemary co-founded with Marjolaine Karlin in homage to Alain Péters, the poet and musician from La Réunion. In 2015, she devised and recorded the project love i obey with Bruno Helstroffer’s band, linking the worlds of English baroque and American folk music. In 2016 she was awarded first prize in the female performance category at the Verona International Film Festival for her debut acting role in the short film harmonies by Eurydice Calmejane. She is a frequent contributor to Radiophonic events, while also playing and composing for drama and film; recent collaborators include Sylvain Griotto, Kristine Salem, and the Orchestre National de France. In 2019-20 she worked in partnership with musician/singer/comedian Fantazio, as well as touring with Lewis versus Alice, directed by Macha Makeïeff and premiered in Avignon in July 2019. She has also formed a duo with Brazilian cellist Dom la Nena: their second album Ramages was released in February 2020.