Barb Jungr - Man in the Long Black Coat Live in NY - New York Theater Examiner

Bob Dylan and I share something in common. Our birthday. Every May 24th, I  salute the man whose real name is Bob Zimmerman. Other than that, I must  confess, I really never had much to say about this midwestern songwriter, who I  could never really understand when he sang.

Quite honestly, I was never a big fan of his at all. Until tonight, when I  heard his songs in a completely different light. British songstress Barb Jungr  opened at the Metropolitan Room this evening in an all Bob Dylan show titled, 'Man in the Long Black Coat.'  For the first time, I heard and understood  the lyrics. And they are pretty brilliant.

The arrangements and interpretations by Ms. Jungr are unique and lovely, heart wrenching, funny and satirical. In fact, Jungr singing Dylan is quite  delightful. She takes Dylan songs we know, deconstructs them and re-arranges  them, and they sound wonderful. I loved the quieter moments in her show tonight  that were dramatic and soul searing. In fact, I couldn't decide whether I liked  her singing or her funny, witty and biting storytelling in between the songs  better.

With the fabulous Tracy Stark at the piano, Barb Jungr singing Dylan makes for a most entertaining evening. Luckily for us New Yorkers, Barb Jungr has a  nice, long, luxurious three-week stint at the Metropolitan Room.

One request to Ms. Jungr: Please, please consider making this Bob Dylan musical journey into a one-woman theatrical piece.

Until she does, you can catch Barb Jungr at the Metropolitan Room through  April 28 2012.

New York Theater Examiner
11 April 2012